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Basalt Statue Of Ramses III From Beth Shean

Basalt Statue Of Ramses III From Beth Shean

This image offers a striking view of the upper half part of a Basalt statue of Ramses III, isolated against a black background. This remarkable statue, dating back to the period between 1184 and 1153 BC, was discovered at Beit Shean, an ancient city of significant military and economic importance. The statue depicts Ramses III, a prominent pharaoh of the New Kingdom period in ancient Egypt. Ramses III is renowned for his military victories and his efforts to maintain stability and prosperity within Egypt during his reign. The upper half of the statue captures the regal countenance of Ramses III, with his head held high and his facial features conveying strength and authority. The intricate details of the statue, carved from basalt, highlight the skill and craftsmanship of the ancient artisans who created it. The discovery of this statue at Beit Shean underscores the close relationship between ancient Egypt and the region, particularly during the Late Bronze Age when Beit Shean was under Egyptian control. Overall, the image offers a glimpse into the rich history of ancient civilizations and the enduring legacy of figures like Ramses III, whose influence extended beyond the borders of Egypt to shape the broader Mediterranean world.

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Basalt Statue Of Ramses III From Beth Shean
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