Copyright Policy Notice

Copyright Infringement Policy: All photographs appearing in the photography websites are the exclusive intellectual property of Sam Mugraby and all are Copyright 2005-2023 Boxist Stock Photography / Sam Mugraby, All rights reserved. All images are fully protected under U.S. and the Berne International Copyright Convention. Unauthorized use of any image is considered copyright infringement and is a violation of Copyright Laws, our images are registered with the US Copyright Office.

For more information on our guidelines and procedures for handling copyright infringement cases, and how we define copyright infringement, please read Frequently asked questions (FAQs) addressing our policy on copyright infringements to gain a better understanding of our commitment to upholding copyright laws and ensuring a fair and respectful use of copyrighted material.

Our images are priced at $499 per image for a specific reason: we offer a unique and special licensing option that provides the highest quality and resolution images, covering a wide range of use cases to meet our clients’ needs. It’s important to note that our images are exclusively licensed and sold only through our website, making them unavailable anywhere else.

Any unauthorized use of our images not only undermines the value of our work but also damages our business. We take copyright infringement very seriously. In the event of copyright infringement, we reserve the right to take immediate legal action, which may include filing a lawsuit without prior notice or warning. This legal action may be pursued in U.S. Federal Court or the appropriate court in your country of residence. Individuals or entities found liable for infringement may be subject to damages, court costs, and attorney’s fees.

Like most professional photographers, artists, and graphics designers, We have invested literally hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years in state-of-the-art cameras and professional-grade photographic and scanning equipment, computers, software and digital storage, servers and proofing costs and so much more along with many years of continued hard work perfecting art, designing, photographing, editing the photos displayed on this website. We support ourselves exclusively through the use of our photographs, we respectfully ask that if you’d like to use any of my photographs, for personal, educational or commercial use, please contact us directly first to obtain a license to do so. Please don’t just take them from the Internet.

Copyright infringement is the unauthorized use of a copyrighted work. Even the simple act of photocopying a copyrighted image without permission can be an infringement. When there is an infringement, the owner of the copyright can sue for damages. we take copyright infringement seriously. All instances of copyright infringement involving our copyrighted images will be addressed by our dedicated Copyright Compliance Team or through our partnership with Legal Recovery Partners & Lawyers. When necessary, we are prepared to pursue legal remedies to protect our intellectual property. One of our most assertive options against copyright infringers is to initiate legal action through filing a lawsuit.

We are committed to protecting our images from any unauthorized use. Too many people think that they have a right to use the photos they found online or they won’t be caught. Fortunately, there are many tools to battle copyright infringement.

It’s unfortunate that some individuals believe they have the right to use photos they find online without consequences or they won’t be caught. However, it’s essential to dispel this misconception. Copyright law protects the rights of content creators, ensuring they receive the recognition and compensation they deserve. Thankfully, there are numerous tools and resources available to combat copyright infringement. From legal avenues to digital tracking and monitoring, we are proactive in our efforts to deter and address unauthorized use of our images.

As the number of websites and blogs grow, the demand for content puts more pressure on website owners and authors, who may resort to stealing images and using photos they find on various websites in order to fill space on their sites and attract traffic, Just because photos is on the Internet does not mean it’s “free” to take and steal. Information, images, pictures, designs, and photographs, all are protected under domestic and international copyright laws and are known as intellectual property.

Unfortunately, We struggle with hundreds of copyright infringements every year, we have been hit hard in recent years as people seem to feel free to just take anything they can copy from the internet and use for their own purposes, without paying the photographer. We are committed to enforcing the copyrights for our images. Consequently, We will take all appropriate steps to pursue legitimate claims for copyright infringements including fair compensation for the past infringing commercial use, as well as recovering the costs of discovering those infringements, and the legal fees necessary to obtain that compensation.

Warning: Unauthorized Use of Intellectual Property: Please do not use any of my photographs without my prior written permission or license. All unauthorized use may be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

Usage Restrictions: These images are not in the public domain, and they are not free to use for any purpose. You may not use these images on blogs, business websites, educational or non-profit websites, personal websites, forums, social media platforms, or any similar platform without obtaining the necessary permission or license. No form of reproduction or downloading is allowed except through the normal viewing process of a web browser. You may not copy, transmit, publish, reproduce, store, manipulate, project, or alter these images in any way, including digitization or synthesizing, either alone or with other materials, by using a computer or any electronic means, or any other method known or to be developed in the future, without the express written permission of Boxist photography and payment of the applicable fee or arrangement thereof.

Beware of Unauthorized Use on Wallpaper and Media Piracy Websites: It has come to our attention that some of our photographs are being unlawfully distributed on various wallpaper websites and media piracy platforms, (often claiming to offer “Free” wallpapers, images). We want to make it clear that these websites have obtained our images illegally and are profiting from the theft of photographers’ work by selling ads on their platforms. They do not have our consent to use our photographs for any purpose, let alone offering them for free. These websites are operating without our permission and are infringing on our copyright. Many of these wallpaper websites are hosted in foreign countries with lax copyright enforcement and inadequate respect for copyright laws or DMCA takedown notices.

We kindly request that you do not download our photographs from any of these unauthorized websites. By doing so, you inadvertently support unethical practices and copyright infringement. As photographers and creators, we rely on the fair and legal use of our work. If you wish to use our images, please reach out to us directly to discuss licensing options or obtain written permission.

Individual Responsibility in Copyright Infringement: It’s crucial to understand that copyright infringement is an individual responsibility. Obtaining a copyrighted image from a source that likely infringes on copyright, such as wallpaper-sharing websites and media piracy platforms, does not absolve you of liability for infringement. Much like taking stolen merchandise from someone else, even if you were unaware it was stolen, you could be found guilty of a legal violation. Copyright law operates on a similar principle.

Due Diligence Matters: Before using any image, it’s essential to consider whether it may be copyrighted, regardless of the source. Just because an image is available on a website does not necessarily mean it was legally obtained or can be freely used.

Our Anti-Piracy Efforts: We are committed to a continuous fight against online piracy. We take action for the removal of our copyrighted images in accordance with international copyright treaties and agreements, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the Berne Convention, the WIPO Copyright Treaty, and the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) of the World Trade Organization.

Respecting copyright is not just a legal obligation; it’s a moral and ethical responsibility that ensures creators are rightfully credited and compensated for their work.

The Misconception of Free Internet Content: The overwhelming amount of content and images available on the internet leads some to believe that they can use someone else’s published work without permission and get away with it, Infringement of copyright may result in monetary damages, lawsuits, costly legal fees and under some rare circumstances, criminal charges.

Exercise diligence and seek proper permissions: Republishing an image without permission or a valid license constitutes copyright infringement. If you require legal advice concerning copyright laws, it is advisable to consult a copyright lawyer. Additionally, you can find valuable information on copyright regulations through the U.S. Copyright Office and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Work. For international copyright information, consider exploring the Country Profiles provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).