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The All-Inclusive License: What You Need to Know

We have simplified our licensing model to offer just One type of license, which covers commercial, educational, and personal use. Our Comprehensive All-Inclusive License encompasses nearly every possible use case. Unlike other stock photo websites and photography platforms, we provide a single license that addresses the diverse needs of our clients.

When you download an image from Boxist, you are acquiring a Comprehensive All-Inclusive License that permits you to use the image for any personal, non-profit, educational, business, or commercial purposes not otherwise restricted by the license (please refer to the full content license agreement). This means you can incorporate our content into your website, blog, advertising materials, digital advertisements, marketing campaigns, applications, social media posts, promotional postcards and posters, YouTube videos, television and film projects, presentations, magazines, newspapers, books or e-books, as well as product packaging, among numerous other applications. Our all-in-one license provides you with even more flexibility in utilizing our content.

Elevate Your Projects with Our All-Inclusive License for Premium Excellence

Our images are unique and exclusive, available only on our photography website. You won’t find them anywhere else. Our clients can access these distinctive and beautiful images for their websites, designs, and projects, ensuring their content stands out.

Comprehensive All-Inclusive License
per image / $499
We provide a single license that encompasses virtually all our clients’ needs
Image Size: Maximum Original Size and Highest Resolution Available - Typically 5616px and up to 8000 pixels
License: Personal, Educational, Non-profit, Business, or Commercial Use
License Duration: No Expiration, Once licensed, you have the rights to use the image indefinitely with no time limit or renewal required.
Printing Limit: Unlimited printed copies, You can print and reproduce the image an unlimited number of times without restrictions.
Product Packaging: Product packaging for up to 500,000 copies, making it ideal for a wide range of products & marketing materials.
Digital Reproductions is Unlimited: You have the freedom to digitally reproduce the image an unlimited number of times without any restrictions.
Worldwide Use, Any Geographic Territory: You are granted the rights to use the image for your projects and purposes anywhere in the world.
Quantity of Website Visitors: Unlimited, There are no restrictions on the number of visitors to your website who can view the image.
Items for Resale: Allowed with Attribution, You can resell items containing the image as long as proper attribution is provided.
Advertising: Unlimited Impressions, You can use the image for advertising purposes with no limit on the number of impressions it can generate.
Video Production Budget:You can use the image in video productions with a budget of up to $100,000.
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We offer a variety of options to assist you in finding the perfect image for your project. If you have any questions about the license, feel free to reach out to our sales team. We are here to assist you with inquiries about pricing, sizes, file types, licensing, and any general image search assistance you may need.