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Dionysus Statuette

Dionysus Statuette

The ancient statue of Dionysus, a captivating representation of the god of wine and revelry, stands before us. He is entirely unclothed, except for a deerskin draped gracefully from his right shoulder to his hip, adding a touch of the wild to his divine form. In his left hand, Dionysus holds a staff, a thyrsus, though it has been lost to time, leaving only the memory of his iconic attribute. In his right hand, he cradles a drinking bowl, a kantharos, symbolizing the joyous libations and festivities that often accompany his worship. Dionysus's flowing hair cascades straight down his back, forming two long braids that drape elegantly over his chest. His countenance reflects both his divine nature and the intoxication of his revelry, capturing a sense of divine ecstasy. The god leans against a sturdy tree trunk, which itself bears intricate carvings. On one side, we find a bearded Silenus with a notably large head, a loyal companion of Dionysus, along with a playful panther. On the other side, a goat-hooved Pan stands, holding a flute in one hand and a stick, known as a lagobolon, in the other. The statuette is crafted from white marble, standing at a height of 55 cm. It is believed to date back to the 2nd or 3rd century CE, a testament to the enduring fascination with the god Dionysus in ancient times.

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Dionysus Statuette
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