Turning Scanned Calligraphy Sketches Into Digital Art Of Arabic Calligraphy

Our Calligraphy partners at and are the experts in turning scanned Arabic calligraphy artwork from paper into digital Arabic calligraphy vector files, we recommend our customers to visit and see their work in Arabic Calligraphy.

We will be discussing here the process on how turning scanned calligraphy sketches into digital Arabic calligraphy in the Tuluth script and how creating grunge paper parchment textures and backgrounds from coffee stains, the Arabic calligraphy style of the “Thuluth, خط الثلث” means one third, which might refer to the size of the pen used to write the script. It is one of the cursive scripts that was commonly used to decorate mosques and different types of texts, The Thuluth script is marked by its clear structure and readability, which make it suitable for a number of purposes, even today. The cursive letters and long lines make it easily readable and usable for both titles and long texts.

The Thuluth script is often considered the most powerful script in Arabic calligraphy. Some experts say you are not a calligrapher until you can write thuluth, Our collection of Islamic Art, is created by our Arabic Calligraphers and Artists partners, Our stock photography of original Islamic Art coupled with our extremely high standards to ensures the finest collection of Islamic Calligraphy Art.

The process of the work is all written by hand on paper then the artwork calligraphy is scanned it and cleaned by using the work of professional graphics software, this work have many details that requires hard work, after getting the calligraphy cleaned up and ready to be in vector format we can be able to control and modify the letters and the words, this is in short the process of turning the work to a Digital Arabic Calligraphy.

Tea and coffee provide a quick and easy way to dye paper and fabrics, Coffee stained paper can come in handy when trying to make a look like old parchment paper texture for our calligraphy artwork, There are various ways of making such grunge and old paper textures, some examples:

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