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Welcome to our featured collection showcasing Our Featured and New Photos for the Month of August 2022. These exclusive images are perfect for personal, editorial, or commercial publications, offering you the opportunity to purchase exclusive and premium stock photos and unique graphic designs that cannot be found or licensed anywhere else. All our stock photos are available in high resolution, ensuring the highest quality for your projects. Take a moment to appreciate the attractive beauty of these captivating photos showcased below.

Our collection offers a wide array of images to choose from, catering to various creative needs. We take pride in curating a collection that is both diverse and of the highest quality. Each photo has been meticulously selected to capture the essence of beauty, uniqueness, and visual appeal. Our goal is to provide you with exclusive stock photos and graphic designs that stand out and make a lasting impression.

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Two Hands Together / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Closeup of Two Children Holding Hands Together on Top of Each Other Against Dark Background.
Side View Of The Lion of Babylon / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Glazed Brick Tiles of Lion of Babylon From the Ishtar Gate, From the “Procession Street” in Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar II Period (562 B.C).
Love Heart Hands In The Sky / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Poison Bottle with Skull and Bones Warning Label in Dark Blue Glass Color Concept 3D Design.
Mother and Child Hands Touching Each Other / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Mother’s Hand Touching Child’s Hand Isolated on White Background.
Jesus Fish On Wooden Cross / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Golden Design of the Christian Fish Symbol “Ichthys” on top of Wooden Cross on Marble Surface.
Virgin Mary With Open Hands At Sunset / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Colored Statue Virgin Mary With Open Hands Against Colorful Sunset Background.
Waving US Flag Against American Flag Background / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Small American Flag Waving Against Large American Flag Background.
Wedding Rings On Red Fabric / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
3D Concept Design of Two Golden Rings on Red Fabric with Scattered Love Hearts on Wooden Background.
Wooden Houses With Arrow Going Up / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Model of Wooden Houses with Red Up Arrow Going Up Isolated Against Black Background.
Window On Old Wall / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
View of Vintage Window with Metal Bars on Grunge Wall Background.
Constitution Scroll On American Flag Background / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Rolled Scroll of the American Constitution with American Flag in the Background.
House Going Up With Red Arrow / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Model of house and Hundred Dollars Bills Background with Red Up Arrow.
One American Dollars Money Background / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Closeup of Banknotes of One Dollar Bill with a Portrait of George Washington.
King George III On 1817 Sovereign Coin / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
3D Concept Design of Old Gold British Gold Sovereign Coin of Year 1817 with George III of the United Kingdom, The Inscription on the Coin “GEORGIUS III D: G: BRITANNIAR: REX F: D:”

Purchase and license these high-resolution stock photos to access exclusive and premium content that will bring a touch of attractiveness and beauty to your creative endeavors. Our featured and new photos for the month of August 2022 are a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional visuals that inspire and captivate.

Explore our collection on and witness the captivating beauty of our featured stock photos and new additions. Each image has been thoughtfully selected to provide you with exclusive content that sets your projects apart. Elevate your designs with attractive and high-quality visuals that leave a lasting impression.

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