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Hebrew Scriptures / © 2009 - Sam Mugraby

We are featuring (Featured New Photos for the Month of September 2022) that are perfect for any personal, editorial or commercial publications, purchase premium stock photos that you can’t get anywhere else. All photos are available in high resolution images and for purchase under our commercial license, look at the photos bellow and see how attractive and beauty are they.

You have a wide array of images from which to choose, these featured stock photos and more hundreds of new photos addition for this month of June you can find and browse more new images added daily on our What’s New page at our store on

British Pound Coins With US One Dollar / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Stack of British Pound Coins on top of US One Dollar Bills.
Bitcoin And One Dollar Note / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Golden Bitcoin with One Dollar Money Bill.
Tiles Of The Ishtar Gate The Lion of Babylon / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Glazed Brick Tile of the Lion of Babylon From the Ishtar Gate, Nebuchadnezzar II Period (562 B.C).
Australian Glass Sign / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
3D Concept Design of Australia Glass Sign with Australian Map on top of Australian Flag Background.
3D Dollar Symbol / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Three Dimensional Golden Dollar Symbol Design.
Triumph Of Neptune And The Four Seasons / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Concept Design of an Ancient Roman Mosaic Depicts the Roman God Neptune.
Judge Gavel 3D Design / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
3D Design of Wooden Judge Gavel with Golden Color Isolated on White Background.
Books Of Copyright Law / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Closeup Concept Design of Covers of Three Books of “Law, Copyright, and Business”.
Jewish Hanukkah Menorah With Candles / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Jewish Lampstand Hanukkah Menorah With Candles Against Background.

© Legal / Copyright Information: All images contained on this page is copyrighted by and property of Stock Photography (Sam Mugraby) and may not be used without a license under any circumstances, Use of these images is not free, and is protected by domestic and international copyright law; Our stock photos can be licensed for (personal, educational, and commercial) only under the usage terms and conditions, Any unauthorized usage of these images will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We reserve the right to pursue unauthorized users of our images, and to seek damages for copyright violations.

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