July 2023 Showcase: Explore Our Newest Additions and Handpicked Featured Images

Welcome to our July 2023 Showcase, where we invite you to explore our handpicked collection of Highlighted and Featured Photos. Immerse yourself in our newest additions and meticulously curated images and designs, perfect for a variety of personal, editorial, and commercial publications. Our collection offers exclusive premium stock photos and exquisite graphic designs, all captured in impeccable quality that cannot be found or licensed elsewhere. Take a moment to appreciate the captivating beauty and attractiveness of the images below.

Our handpicked selection includes a diverse array of visuals, carefully chosen to suit various creative needs, our collection offers exceptional visuals that elevate your projects. Each photo and design in our showcase is presented in high resolution, ensuring every detail is captured with clarity and precision. This allows you to showcase the beauty and attractiveness of these visuals in your work, whether it be personal projects, editorial features, or commercial publications.

Our collection includes featured stock photos and over hundreds of new additions for this month, providing you with a constant stream of fresh and captivating visuals. Explore the “What’s New” section on our photography store at to stay up-to-date with the latest additions and discover unique images for your creative endeavors.

Three Waterdrops Falling Into Blue Water / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
In this macro closeup image, three water droplets are captured in the midst of falling, suspended in the air. Each droplet follows the other, creating a captivating sequence…
Golden US Coins With Native American Head / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Closeup view of a pile of golden historic old US coins. The coins are arranged in a heap, creating an intriguing composition…
Silhouette Of Three Crosses On A Hill / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
View of three crosses silhouetted against the backdrop of a cloudy sky during a yellow-tinged dark sunset. The scene takes place on a hill…
Headless Statue Of Emperor Nero / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Marble statue of Nero, a Roman emperor, from the Imperial Period in the first century CE. The statue is depicted…
Hands Love Heart With American Flag / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Two hands come together, forming the shape of a love heart. The hands are textured with the design of the American flag…
Jewish Scroll In Hebrew / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
An old Jewish Torah scroll made of rolled parchment. The parchment has aged over time, giving it a yellowish hue. The scroll is…
Bronze Statue Of Julius Caesar / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
An old bronze statue of Julius Caesar, a prominent figure from ancient Rome. The statue depicts Caesar in his armor…
Hundreds Of Dollars With Benjamin Franklin Portrait / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
In this closeup image, there are several American one hundred dollar bills arranged next to and on top of each other…
Seagull Bird Flying Over The Sea / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
A serene coastal scene with a seagull gracefully soaring through the air above the vast expanse of the sea…
Thumb Up Silhouette Against Colored Sky Background / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
A black silhouette of a hand showing a thumbs-up gesture, set against a vibrant pink and light purple colored sky background with…
Hand Thumb Up With American Flag / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
A human hand is prominently displayed, showing the thumb up gesture. The unique aspect of this image is that the skin of the hand is painted with the design of the American flag…
Virgin and Child Byzantine Icon / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Virgin Mary icons often depict the Madonna and Child, with two angels positioned above them, following the classic style of Byzantine icons of the Theotokos…
Abstract Fiberglass Texture / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
An abstract colorful fiberglass texture with small cracks, resulting in a visually captivating and textured surface. The fiberglass material forms…

Purchase and license these high-resolution stock photos and graphic designs to access exclusive content that adds a touch of attractiveness and beauty to your projects. Our July 2023 Showcase is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional visuals that inspire and captivate.

Browse through our collection and witness the captivating beauty of our Highlighted and Featured Photos. Each image and design has been thoughtfully selected to provide you with premium and exclusive content that sets your projects apart. Elevate your designs with attractive and high-quality visuals that leave a lasting impression.

© Legal / Copyright Information: All images contained on this page are copyrighted by and the property of Stock Photography (Sam Mugraby). They cannot be used without a proper license under any circumstances. The use of these images is not free, and they are protected by domestic and international copyright law. Our stock photos can be licensed for personal, educational, and commercial use and subject to our usage terms and conditions. Any unauthorized usage of these images will be subject to legal action to the full extent of the law. We reserve the right to pursue unauthorized users of our images and seek damages for copyright violations.

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