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We are featuring (Our Featured and New Photos for the Month of January 2023) which are perfect for almost any personal, editorial or commercial publications, purchase exclusive and premium stock photos and unique graphics designs in high quality format that you can’t find or license anywhere else. All of our stock photos are available in high resolution and available to be purchased and licensed for your use, look at the photos bellow and see how attractive and beauty are they.

You have a wide array of images from which to choose, these featured stock photos and more hundreds of new photos addition for this month you can find on What’s New section at our photography store on

Make Love Not War Red Sign / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Concept 3D Design of Stop Red Sign of “Make Love Not War” with Bullets in the Background.
We The People In Gold On The Constitution Scroll / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
3D Concept Design of “We The People” In Golden Letters on top of the United States of America Constitution Scroll with American Flag Stars in the Background.
I Love You With Small Hearts / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
3D Design of (I LOVE YOU) in Glossy Red Color With Little White Love Hearts on Pink and Blue Surface and Background.
Statue Of Oceanus From Ephesus 2nd Century / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Marble Statue Of Oceanus (The River God) from the Ancient City of Ephesus, Turkey, 2nd Century AD.
Film Reels And Clapper Board / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
3D Design of Film Reels with Movies Clapper Board on Wooden Surface Against Dark Background.
Old And New One Hundred Dollars Money / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Two Notes of Old Hundred Dollars Bill from Year 1914 with the Featuring Side Portrait of Benjamin Franklin and New One Hundred Dollars Money.
Statue of Liberty Coins Concept Design / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Concept 3D Design of Golden Coins with Dollar Sign and the Statue of Liberty.
20 Euro Note / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
The Obverse Side of Twenty Euros Money Banknote.
20 French Centimes / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Twenty French Centimes Money Coin Showing Marianne Wearing the Phrygian Cap of Liberty.
US Dollars Gold Coins Background / © Copyright by Sam Mugraby / 
Pile of Golden Coins of American US Dollars with Native American Indian Male (Indian Chief) , Series of Year 1911.

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